Rajen Thapa Charter President

Acceptance speech by-
Rajen Thapa
Charter President
Lions club of Annapurna Berkeley
Double Tree Hotel
Berkeley Marina
Berkeleycharter president
Honorable Installation officer past International Director lion William Flannaccone, District Governor Lion Walter Griffin, PDG Linda Griffin, VDG Garry Wang, Anthony freeman, president, lions club of Berkeley, Zone chair, region chair, Lions dignitaries from the district 4-C3, club presidents from different clubs of the district. Visiting lions and honored guests, friends and well wishers from different walks of life. It is a distinct honor for me, as a president of Lions club of Berkeley Annapurna, to accept the charter from Lions Clubs International on behalf of my fellow lions. I would like to express our sincere gratitude on officially becoming members of the International Association of Lions club, the world’s largest humanitarian service club which has 1.4 million members in 196 countries. We enjoy global friendship and work for local, zonal, regional, national and international communities.

We had a dream of forming Nepalese lions club in this great country and our dream has come true tonight with the charter night celebration of lions club of Berkeley Annapurna at double tree hotel in your lovely and enthusiastic presence. I salute you all for making this night a grand success. I congratulate each and every charter member of our club.
We are anxious to work close with our fellow club members, as well as others within the community to meet our service initiative. We are looking forward to the fellowship, team work and personal satisfaction that we will gain through our memberships. I hope we will be guided in near future too from our guiding lions who generously supported us to make our dream come true. For this I thank our Dist.. Governor Walter griffin, PDG Linda, lions club of Berkeley, Zone chair and guiding lion Gyan Pantha and guiding lion
AL Satake.

Lions club of Berkeley Annapurna will work in hand in hand with Dist. 4-C3 and two other lions clubs of Berkeley. We will do our best to keep the flag of lions clubs international fly in the high esteem with our service activities. I request you all to co-operate us in promoting the ideals and objectives of lions clubs international. Together we will be able to make difference in the lives of the less fortunate and our own lives too as we gain personal and professional skills that will last a life time.

May our actions prove that the Lion club of Berkeley Annapurna is a valuable asset in our community. May we, as lions, demonstrate the true meaning of our motto we serve.

I have served Dist. 325 A Nepal in various capacities.I have served as President of Lions Club of Itahari, Sunsari.I have had an opportunity to serve Dist.325 A Nepal as Zone Chair, Region Chair and Dist. Advisor . I hereby accept the post of Charter President of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna in your august presence. Your presence has inspired encouraged and motivated me to live up
to the expectation of our charter members and the community of Berkeley. Berkeley is the most liberal and diversed city of this great country. We will add color to its liberality and diversity. We will be an asset of this society and the country.

Dear Friends, we have always believed in doing good Karma. I hope lionistic activities will be our another Karma for our life.
It’s my duty to keep the moral of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna high. I promise I will do. I will not let you down. Believe me. I have been known as a man of Action not words.
I thank my wife Bijaya,Brother Dhruva and his wife Sabita,my daughter Priyanka,son Pratik and nephew Prasidh for supporting me in my every endevour.I honor them in this beautiful function.

I now take your permission to honor and recognize our distinguished guests tonight.
• Past International Director.
• Dist.Governor
• Past Dist.Governor
I would like to honor Our Advisor and Secretary

Thank you very much
Rajen Thapa


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