Charter night & Induction Ceremony

Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna celebrated its 9th Charter Anniversary last Sunday with friends and families of Charter members, current officers and district dignitaries. On the Occasion of Anniversary character President Mr.Rajen Thapa thanked Lions club for the contribution. The chief guest and the Induction officer, District Governor Lion Vince Lipinski inducted new fourteen new lions on the occasion. He also invited all the chartered members on the stage who have gained the status of membership of Lions Club. He explained all does and dids of Lions Club and he told that every human being is a bundle of phemapossibilities. He thanked the past Presidents for the beautiful Organization which they established. All of the new members received lions pin and packages from the Lions club International. The president says that Social work is everything and they are still marching forward on their way of social work. He also congratulated the past President for developing the club. He mentioned that the Organization was established in right time and because of that small things are going on great ways.



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