Thank you note and acceptance speech by President Thapa

Dear Lions Friends, Community Leaders, Friends and Family.
It was a pleasure seeing you at our event on our Join Installation Ceremony at Hs. Lordships restaurant on July 12th 2015. Thank you so much for attending, and supporting our two Nepalese Lions clubs Installation Ceremony. We feel blessed to have had your support for the event, and let us know if you have any feedback or comment to make it better in my tenure.
Though we have celebrated our tenth anniversary I always keep a room for improvement. Please consider our Organization as a valuable resource for the community and for the world as it is one of the largest social organizations, but every club is unique because all the clubs have their own way of running their event.
While serving is our Mantra so being a lions means serving your community the way you can, serving your community means leading your community and leading your community means making your community stronger and better place to live. Let us work together to leave a positive impact in our community.
Your Valuable presence and support meant a lot to us and hoping to get such love, cooperation and helping hand in future endeavor too.
It was a great honor for me to see many known and friendly faces in the event even though I might have missed to call you personally,
Thank you all for your valuable presence, support, volunteering from your level best. Thank you all the sponsors, all the Clubs officers/ representatives, community leaders, Volunteers, Artists, and my entire team of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna. I will never forget your support.
Thank you again. Warm regards,
Dhruva Thapa
President Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna.
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ― Albert Einstein
(Event photos, detail updates and other information will be available soon in the link below).

Namaste! Dignitaries of the dias, District Governor, PDG, all the the officers of Dist. 4-C3,, all the Past Presidents of our Club, fellow Lions, distinguished ladies and gentlemen:

Permit me to open my address with a first words I gave to immediate PDG Lion VInce almost seven years ago, once he asked me, when will you be the President? without any hesitation, my answer at that time was I will be the tenth President. Then with surprise, He asked me why?
I had no answer at that time, It came out of nowhere and fortunately, God has listened my voice and fulfilled my dream.It is because of Him I stand before you as the 10th president of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna.

Thank you all the fellow lions for helping me achieve my dream. Let me quote here,

William Arthur “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

I am really grateful to each and everyone of you, who has helped me to learn more about Lions’ leadership, its complexities and benefits. After ten year, I believe I have learned and lead a lot to become a Club President.
My priority was never to be a president but to serve the community. I have been serving the club in man
I still believe that to serve the community or to be a leader you don’t have to be a President, take the leadership of your role, do your best from where you are right now. Even if you are just a member , be a leader among others. Lead your club from your position. title doesn’t necessarily make someone a leader but your action and service makes you a leader. That is the core Value I learned after joining the Lions Club. but today I feel proud to be installed as tenth President. and I would like to recognize a set of most important leaders of our Club.
they are none other than all the past presidents of our Club, in this historic night please rise to be recognized.

In this Historic Event I salute all our past Presidents, even our 2nd past president of the club is here just to attend this historic event all the way from Colorado. It’s my honor to have you all here and you have motivated me to serve more. I have learnt a lot from all of you.
As President this year I wish to follow a different path and take our club to the main stream of lionism. for that let’s learn the core objectives of the Club. so that we can make the path of success.
The person who is afraid of asking is afraid of learning. Try to learn from everyone. From some, learn what to do and from some, learn what not to do.
Dear all the active Lions officers, all Charter members and community leaders, without your support, guidance and dedicated service I would not be able to fulfil my dream.

But there are more challenges than opportunities to achieve what we dream. I don’t have big promises and plans in my tenure, but I must strive to achieve the following goals in this Lionistic year:
My plan is to work with you to achieve what we really want to achieve thorough lionism.

I would like to raise the profile of our club through effective publicity and awareness programs, for that I have launched a new website and social media to connect with you all.
The number one issue for me as President is keeping our Membership.
specially bringing back all those lions who discontinued their membership. I would like to invite all our Charter members and other club members to join once again..
then I want to
Strengthen our Service
Strengthen our Leadership
Strengthen our Partnership
Continue to support our on-going projects.
Build our internal capacity through trainings and orientations. So that we can learn more about Lionism.

Tonight our installation ceremony has been a great success. As a new club president, I’m truly thankful to everyone who volunteered their time. I can tell every person here is committed to help our club move forward, and it’s really inspiring to see your dedication and support.

And last but not the least, I want to thank you all for valuable presence. Without your support, we would never be able to put on events like these, so thank you

Now with all my humility and all seriousness of purpose, I accept the position of the 10th President of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna.

Once again thank you so much for your gracious presence. Thank you and God bless you all.


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