2nd Business meeting and Regional Chair Visitation.

2nd Business meeting and Regional Chair Visitation.
Date Sept. 20th, 2015, Himalayan Flavors, Berkeley, Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna’s second business meeting held on Sept 20th with the commendable presence of it’s members. On the meeting Regional Chair of the Dist. 4c3 Lion Jay Tauriel officially visited the club with Guiding Lion Al Satake and Global membership Leader PDG Linda Griffin, The meeting was also graced by charter president and 2nd Vice District Governor Lion Rajen Thapa.
On the meeting Club President Lion Dhruva Thapa welcomed all the participants and called to order with his short welcome notes and also informed about the declaration of Constitution in Nepal. He said that Nepal has formally adopted a new constitution, nearly a decade after the country ended a long-running civil war, and he further said that the new constitution will open the door of peace and development of the country. Let’s hope for the betterment of Nepal and its people.1 2 3 4 5 6
The meeting was started at 9:15 Am with the invocation by Past President and Treasurer Lion Ram Chandra Dhakal followed by Pledge of Allegiance by Lion Tilak Sunar, Past President and Zone Chair. Then Past President and Club secretary Lion Laxmi Chaudhary officially introduced the Regional Chair and Lion Jay officially heighted the district projects asking helping hand to our club for service project.After the Regional Chairs address all the members were self-introduced and 2nd Vice District Governor Lion Rajen inducted new club member Lion Anil Thapa and present the lions pin and certificate, PDG Linda presented the sponsor pin and certificate to Lion Bishnu Lamichhane for bringing new members to the Club.
On the meeting following agendas were discussed and passed for further project.
1. Peace poster contest will be conducted for the first time from our Club that will open the door to reach our kids to participate international Peace poster contest. For that Lion and Club Director Iswar Sitaula was chosen as Program coordinator and he will work with Creative Nepal Youth Club to host the event as Creative club has been conducting literacy program and it’s good idea to work with them as Lions Club always love to work with community based organizations. The deadline for sending final peace poster drawing to the dist. Is 7th of November 2015. So We have to work and organize the event soon.
2. Student Speaker contest will be continued as always. Lion Tika lamsal and Lion Nirmal Phnuyal will work on it to make it happen.
Vision screening program: lion Amod Pokhrel and PDG Linda Griffin Highlighted the event and Lion Tilak asked all the participant members to volunteer Eye Glass recycling center in Vallejo. The address is Lions in sight warehouse, 1404 lemon Street Vallejo, ca 94590 Contact phone: 707-648-2306
3. The Date, time and venue will be announced soon for vision screening event for that lions Club may invite other organizations of bay area to participate and host the event. Lion Linda assured to support and provide the vision screening machine from the district. Lion Al Suggested Himalayan Flavors as a venue as they just need a dark room and the room is perfect for the screening as many people know more about the location and it will be easy for them to locate and come for the vision screening.
4. Fundraising event at Golden Gate Horseracing field: Club President Thapa proposed to participate with Berkeley Host club to volunteer at Golden gate field so that we can make some money for the club and that will help us to do more service project in future, Lion Al and Lion Jay both explained the process of fundraising event and encouraged to participate with them. Interested Lion members can contact club President or secretary if they are interested to enjoy horse riding event and do some volunteer works, it’s a fun fill event so all are encourage to contact club secretary.
5. For the fundraising event Lion Utsave Chaudhary offered to host fundraising dinner at Taste of the Himalayas Sausalito if club members are willing to take participate, that is a great opportunity for making some extra fund for the club. Please give us your thoughts are highly welcomed.
6. Club Treasure / Past President Lion Ram Chandra Dhakal informed about the new bank account recently opened at union bank and asked all the members to clear their dues of $100 as soon as possible so that we will be able to pay International Dues. Lion Past President Mani Nepali handed over the files of old bank but still account closure with dues has to be submitted to present treasurer and that will be done shortly.
7. 2nd Vice Dist. Governor Lion Rajen asked third vice president lion Bindu Sapkota to coordinate one nepali dance performance for Silican valley Indian Lions club on October 10th and also asked interested club members and officers to RSVP with Club president if they are interested to participate Charter Night celebaration of Silicon valley Indian Lions Club in Hayward, at Golden peacock Indian Restaurant. The address is 24989 Santa Clara St Hayward, CA 94544.

Before adjourning the meeting Club President informed the District Governor’s official visitation will be on Oct. 11, 2015 so he asked all the members to be present on that day. The meeting will start 6 Pm at Himalayan Flavors Restaurant, 1585 University Ave. Berkeley Ca.

Name of Lions and Guests who were present on the meeting.
1. President Lion Dhruva Thapa
2. 1st Vice President Lion Manil banu Shrestha
3. 3rd Vice President Lion Bindu Sapkota
4. Secretary/ PP Lion Laxmi Chaudhary
5. Treasurer/PP Lion Ram Chandra Dhakal
6. Membership Chair/PP / Zone Chair Lion Tilak Sunar
7. Tail Twister Lion Sujit Singh
8. Tamer Lion Nirmala karki
9. Charter member Lion Bishnu Lamichhane
10. 2nd Vice Dist. Governor/ Charter President Lion Rajen Thapa
11. Regional Chair Lion Jay Touriel
12. PDG Linda Griffin
13. Guiding Lion Linda Griffin
14. Past President Lion Mani Nepali
15. Director Lion Dr. Amod Pokhrel
16. Director Lion Uttam karki
17. Director Lion Iswar Sitaula
18. Member Lion Surendra Malla
19. Member Lion Sumesh Rijal
20. Member Lion Keshar B Thapa
21. Member Lion Ram kaji Baniya
22. Member Lion Nirmal Phuyel
23. New member Lion Anil Thapa
24. Guest Dhurba Niraula
25. Guest Akhtar Ali Ansari
26. Guest Manohara Adhikari


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