Lets have Fun at Golden gate fields !!

From Berkeley Lions Club,  Lion Al has invited us to participate and learn , earn and have fun with the exciting event at Golden Gate Fields. The field is  located at the boarder of Berkeley and Albany which is one of the northern California’s premier horse racing destination  within our reach in the Bay Area. It’s in a  very convenient location just across the I-580 and I-80 freeway, located at 1100 East shore Highway, Berkeley.  So we can easily make it and have great fun in our off day. The Fields offers convenient ramps, elevators, and handicap accessibility throughout all levels of the racetrack with Space for 5,000 cars on 15 paved acres.

We encourage local residents of the bay area to visit once to have fun and earn an exciting experience to bet with your first horse you chose from . Please join with us next time with your  friends and family at Golden Gate Fields for a fun day of horse racing, wagering, and socializing and of course volunteering for the benefit our our Club.

Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna’s President , secretary and Treasurer  volunteer today at Golden Gate Fields for Lions Club of Berkeley Host. if we find at least a dozen of volunteers from our club we can host the event our self and make some fund for the club. Please contact club officers to know how and when you can volunteer next time. Golden gate fields is  American horse racing track straddling both Albany,  and Berkeley city, Therefore the  the authorities of the field has offered us an opportunity to raise fund for the club, so don’t miss this golden opportunity to have fun and earn some funds for the club itself.
From our Club President Lion Dhruva Thapa, Secretary Lion Laxmi Chaudhary, Treasurer Lion Ram Chandra Dhakal, Director Lion Tika Lamsal , Zone Chair Lion Tilak Sunar and 2nd VP Lion Kaushal has already participated and volunteers for the Berkeley Host Club now it’s our turn to to for our club, Please join hand with the motto ”  we serve”. We are just asking your few hours of service on particular Sunday. we will provide the date and time soon till than make up your mind to join us. We can join  with our family, friends and of course invite some guests to  visit, have fun and  serve for the betterment of our club.  The purpose of the event is  to raise fund for the Club and so far we have donated our time and service to the Berkeley Host Club.

Lets work for our own club next time. Its a fun event and also called the dollar day as everything on the day cost a dollar, It refers to the admission, parking, beer, hot dogs but for us as a volunteer we don’t have to pay anything. Lets join and lets have fun.  It’s fun to pick a few ponies and try our luck too , For next event we have given our word to volunteer from our side, so please support us to support our club and of course have fun.

Ready to serve from our Club Past President and Club Secretary Lion Laxmi with Lion AL and two other volunteers from Berkeley City college ready to start the fun event.
lions at golden gate
All the Lions Members and Volunteers are busy to serve the event.

Some of the past photos of the event:

2nd Vice President Lion Kaushal serving the guest.
Director Lion Tika Lamsal serving the community
Team of two clubs joining hand together for the cause.

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