Local Lions Clubs are conducting various events in honor of worldwide service in sight

Local Lions Clubs are conducting various events in honor of world sight day,

Worldwide Week of Service in Sight, from 4-10 October.

Lions always focus for better vision and we want everyone to see a better tomorrow. That’s why Lions Clubs International partnered with blindness prevention organizations worldwide to commemorate the first World Sight Day on October 8, 1998. This event was later integrated into VISION 2020, this year too since 1988, Lions World Sight Day has raised awareness about the importance of eye health and the need for quality eye care services for all. That’s why Lions clubs support sight first program and services including vision screenings, eye banks and eyeglass recycling. In the month of October Lions clubs conduct various projects related to vision .Lions clubs around the world conduct sight-related projects including: vision screenings, eyeglass donations, and public awareness and training programs.

lions club of Berkeley Annapurna has also initiated to provide vision care for the community. Just today on October 5th Lions club of Berkeley Annapurna’s enthusiastic members joined hands on training to operate Spot Vision screening camera and they are all now certify to handle and conduct vision screening test. We will announce the date soon in our next meeting for the vision screening camp for our community in Berkeley that can be benefited by larger bay area Nepalese community, said the club President Lion Dhruva Thapa.

Lion Dr. Amod Pokhrel, the coordinator and Director of Public Health of the Club is coordinating with UC Berkeley ophthalmology department and their students to organize vision screen program after the Dashain festival.  Lions Clubs District 4C3 is commited to conduct screening program in the district and Dist. Governor is initiating to add more Spot Vision camera for the District. The District also  initiated to provide hands on training for interested Lions Members, though the training announced lately but we had eight members from our club to participate and learn how to use spot vision screening camera, Including Club President Lion Dhruva Thapa, vision program coordinator Dr. Amod Pokhrel, Director Lion Uttam karki, Director Yuvraj karki, fist VP lion manil Shrestha, lion Laxmi Karki, Lion Dhan Tamang, Bikram Khadka  were present in the training session at Lions Center for the visually impaired in Pittsburg. All the participants will be awarded a certification of participation and officially certify to handle the vision screening camera. All the participants of the training were excited to handle and operate the camera and discussed with Dr.Bill Iannaccone , Dist. Governor Leo Macias and first VDG Yan to initiate our club to buy our own camera, If we want to buy the camera the LCIF will provide the matching fund to buy and it costs $7000 to buy.

The Club is  also Schedule to join  on October 7th at Lions In Sight Warehouse center in the city of Vallejo for eyeglass recycling and cleaning service.  The center is ready to provide used eyeglasses on request to Lions clubs worldwide and ensure the eyeglasses are appropriately prescribed and distributed .

Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna urge all of us to initiate to buy this most accurate and computerized Spot vision screening camera so that we can conduct as many program as we need, not only here but also in Nepal and other countries too. The Spot Vision Screen is a handheld, portable device designed to help users quickly and easily detect vision issues on patients from 6 months of age through adult. Spot screens both eyes at once from a  3-foot distance. The touch-screen display allows for one-touch activation, simple management of patient data entry, and easy configuration for both vision screening and auto refraction applications. The Vision screening program is also the part of Centennial service challenge goal of serving 25 million people through sight- related projects and activities

vision learning amodji


Beside vision, Lions Clubs also provide  health care program focusing mainly on hearing loss to diabetes awareness program, we work to improve the health of children and adults around the world. Beside vision and health projects we empower the next generation through our Leo Program and provide lots of youth volunteer’s opportunities and explore their leadership qualities.  We promote peace through our Peace Poster contest, and this year for the first time we are hosting peace poster contest too. We do Students Speaker contest to provide your high schools Students to develop their public speaking and if they win scholarship of more than $ 25,000 for their college. We have been conducting the event for seven years and continuing this year too.

We also work to for local community and provide service to them through various programs and projects. We serve local communities – and protect the planet.  We do everything with a simple motto “We serve”. Our volunteer projects unite Lions around the world. And our work is unconditional. We aren’t limited by continents or restricted to certain causes. Lions help wherever, whenever and however we can. So if you think you can make a difference to our community join Lions Clubs International. Your service and service mind makes our club unique and important to the world.

As a lions we serve where service is needed, right now we are serving more than 210 countries in the world by over 1.4 million members, we believe that the world gets better and problems get smaller when people unite and serve their local community. We can’t ignore the neighbor and their problem, always ready to help almost a hundred years lions have strengthened the community through humanitarian projects, helped most of the catastrophes and saved the life and also provided the vision to millions of people each year. We not only focus our community but also work all over the world but we are always local as we are all over the world and feel and treat all over the world’s problem as our own problem and try to solve them as soon as possible.


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