celebrating Worldwide Week of Service in Sight, from 4-10 October.

Serving the world with great vision on world sight day and celebrating Worldwide Week of Service in Sight, from 4-10 October.

As a special project of the Club and honoring the Worldwide Week of Service in Sight, from 4-10 October. our club has been conducing / participating various sight related programs, as a part of the program we had a special spot camera training on October 5th in Pittsburgh Blind center and on Oct. 7th visited and serve in the Eyeglass recycling center of Vallejo,
As a Club President, I feel proud to be the part of the service project where I am getting lots of helping hands to carry out our projects,
eyeglass eyeglass1 eyeglass2I understand the value of each members time, even in their busy schedule and week days they are just coming forward to complete the project, Hatts of to all of you genuinely came forward to serve unconditionally .Today’s visit special thanks goes to Lion Bishnu Lamichhane and Lion Nirma Phyunal who visited the center with me and joined hand with more than a dozen other fellow lions.
we served for three hours shortening more than 1000 pairs of recycle eyeglasses and packed the shorted glasses.‪#‎Lions100‬

Lions in Sight has been endorsed by Lions Multiple District 4 since 1991. Its main Objectives are: To serve as Lions Clubs International eyeglasses collection center for the western United States.

To provide clinic trips to developing nations to prescribe recycled eyeglasses to those in need. They have been doing 12 mission per year and serving in most of the developing countries including Peru, Sri Lanka, Mexico and we are planning to extend the same project in nepal too. Therefore, we have been doing special training to handle camera , recycling work and conducing Eyes screening camp in Berkeley. Local doctors volunteer their time and Lions in Sight provides equipment and training to the local members to fit eyeglasses according to the doctor’s prescription. So we are trying to get hand on training for the same purpose. Lions In Sight is dedicated to bringing basic eye care and eyeglasses to a world of people in need.The mission of Lions In Sight is to promote the collection of used eyeglasses for the purpose of recycling and use in developing nations worldwide and to provide no cost primary eye care to the needy and low-income citizens in economically disadvantaged countries.

Now My dream project is to buy spot vision camera for the better vision for our community.Hope I will get support from all of you. If you want to know what I am talking about please visit the link http://www.welchallyn.com/…/visio…/spot-vision-screener.html

Report from the Club President


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