Report of District Governor’s official visit


It was our immense pleasure to welcome  our dynamic district Governor Leo Macias with other district officers in our club. It was a wonderful opportunity to honor our District governor to show our solidarity to the ideals of international Lionism with great motto, ” We serve”.

On the meeting the Club president said, ” I personally thank all the club members, officers district representatives and guest from Nepal who attended one of the most important meeting. Even thought most of the members had to go to attend another program on the same time, As promised to the club members Club President Lion Dhruva Thapa managed to conduct the meeting in right time with so smoothly and precisely without making any delay or hassle. The club president thanked to   for their valuable presents and time”, He further said that  It was his honor to have most of the members presence in the meeting.

At first the club President called to the order of the meeting then he welcomed the Dist. Governor and other dignitaries , on behalf of his club he thanked all the representatives from the district. Here is the excerpt of his thank you note, “I on behalf of our club and personally from my side thank and honor your valuable presence , thank you so much for sharing your vision and highlighting your project to our Club. From your motivational speech we presented $200 dollar for the spot vision camera and you saw the generous donors and great heart of our members who spontaneously proposed to raise fund to buy our own spot vision camera and if everything will go well soon we will have our own camera and will be doing lots of screening in our community.
Please convey our message to First Vice Dist. Governor Lion VALTR, JAN who is coordinating to the project and the District that we are in the process of buying the camera and before that if possible we want to do a first vision screen camp from our club on November 5th at Himalayan Flavors and possibly we will do campaign to raise more money to buy Spot vision Camera.
Please reserve the camera for our event on November 5th. Let us know what we have to do for that and hopefully we want to get support and guidance to host the Eye screening camp. From our club six members have already attended the training session of how to use the spot vision camera and hopefully they will be able to handle the camera properly and check the eyes to needy persons.”
The meeting was great and thank you all for your valuable presence.

Charter President and Second Vice District Governor Lion Rajen Thapa officially announced the new club will be sponsored by Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna . He said,  we are proud to announce another new Nepalese Lions Club that we were able to sponsor within two years. The new club’s name will be Lions Club of Berkeley Makalu and also announce the date of Charter night. The date is schedule for November 15th 2015 at Hs. Lordship Restaurant in Berkeley Marina.


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Here is the Minute report of the District Governor’s visitation.

Meeting started sharp at 6:00 PM and concluded sharp at 6:59 PM.

  1. Welcome by Club President Lion Dhruva Thapa.
  2. Pledge to Flag by Lion Sujit Singh
  3. Invocation by PDG Linda Griffin
  4. Self Introduction.
  5. Introduction of Regional Chair by Club President
  6. Introduction of Dist. Governor by Regional Chair Jay Touriel
  7. Introduction of Dist. Governor’s adult companion by Dist. Governor Leo Macias
  8. Speech by District Governor about the District Project and Vision Project.
  9. our Club decided to buy our own camera after attending the Spot vision Camera Training . The following Lions Memebrs have become certified to hand the Spot vision Camera , They are Club President Lion Dhruva Thapa, vision program coordinator Dr. Amod Pokhrel, Director Lion Uttam karki, Director Yuvraj karki, fist VP lion manil Shrestha, lion Laxmi Karki, Lion Dhan Tamang, Bikram Khadka were present in the training session at Lions Center for the visually impaired in Pittsburg. Eyeglass recycling center visitation and service provided by Club President Lion Dhruva Thapa, Lion Nirmal Phyunel, Lion Bishnu Lamichhane. After attending two important event club members and officers are excited to buy own vision screening camera for that on the meeting following Lion Members were chosen to coordinate fundraising for the camera.
  10. They are Lion Uttam karki, Lion Nirmal Phuyel, Lion Ram Chandra Dhakal, Lion Sujit Singh Lion Iswar Sitaula and Bishnu Gurung Ekata.
  11. International Peace poster coordinator Lion Iswar Sitaula presented his report about the peace poster contest and said Creative Nepal youth club is ready to take part with their kids to the peace poster contest. Club President reported that the Local School of Berkeley is also taking part in the  Peace poster contest and school has already started the project with more than forty Students. the Club will select top two to send for the International contest.
  12. The floor was open for discussion and feedback.
  13. The Meeting adjourn sharp at 6:59 PM and most of the members rush to attend another event organized by the local Nepalese organizations in Oakland.

Attendance Report.

  1. Dhruva Thapa – President
  2. Leo Macias – District Governor
  3. Nina Leon
  4. JayTaurial Regional Chair
  5. PDG Linda Griffin
  6. Guiding Lion Al Satake
  7. Manil Babu Shrestha- Ist VP
  8. Laxmi Chaudhary – Secretary
  9. Ram Chandra Dhakal- Treasurer
  10. Sujit Singh- Tail Twister
  11. Nirmala Karki- Tammer
  12. Rajen Thapa- Charter President , Second VDG
  13. Mani Nepali Paneru- Past President
  14. Hema Paneru- reported by phone, she is in Nepal.
  15. Chinkaji Shrestha – Past President
  16. Ishwar Sitaula- Director
  17. Uttam karki- Director
  18. Tika Lamsal- Director
  19. Rabindra Rai- Director
  20. Bishnu Lamichhane
  21. Sumesh Rijal- Member
  22. Ram kaji Baniya- Member
  23. Bishnu Gurung Ekata- Member
  24. Bidur K Ghimire- Member
  25. Khil Narayan Chaudhary – Member\
  26. Khagendra Dhungel- Charter Treasurer
  27. Keshar B. Thapa- Member
  28. Anil Thapa- Member
  29. Nirmal Phyunel – Member
  30. Manohara Thapa
  31. Ganesh Limbu
  32. Milan Shrestha


Note: Based on Club Secretary’s report.


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