5th Business meeting on December 13th.

Detail Report of 5th Business meeting.
Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna’s 5th business meeting held on Dec 13 at 5:30 Pm in Himalayan Flavors Restaurant Berkeley. On the meeting 1st Vice District Governor Lion Jan Valtr, 2nd Vice District Governor Lion Rajen Thapa, Guiding Lion Al Satake and Global membership Leader PDG Linda Griffin and Sean and Dhurba Niraula. There was a guest from Nepal Mr. Sitaula was also present. From the club there were 26 members were present. The meeting started with the call to order by Club President Lion Dhruva Thapa with his short welcome address to all the participants of the meeting. Immediately 1st Vice President Lion Manil Shrestha led the pledge of allegiance followed by invocation by Lion Surendra Malla.
After self-introduction Club Secretary Laxmi Chaudhary briefed the agenda of the meeting and welcomed all the guests and club members. Guiding Lion Al Satake introduced all the guests from the district 4 C 3. 1st Vice District Governor addressed the meeting highlighting the social activities conducted by district and encourage all the club members to participate club’s forthcoming events, he also highlighted about the Spot vision camera that the club is planning to buy.meeting dec 13

Spot Camera coordinator Lion Nirmal Phnuyel collected and contributed with a check of $1,250. He is the highest donor so far to buy the camera, with his check now the club has raised $2,554 still the club need almost $1,200 more to own the Spot vision Camera. Club President encouraged all to come forward to donate any amount for this noble cause.
Club President Lion Thapa updated the past event of Food drive event held in Safeway store last month and also about the peace poster contest. The club has participated peace poster contest for the first time with the students of Berkeley Art Magnet School. Club President Thapa personally visited the school and handed over the gifts and certificates to all selected students. The gift was sponsored by program coordinator Iswar sitaula and Club President.
The Club is participating two events in the month of December so club nominated Lion Nirmal Phyunel to coordinate the Holiday Food Basket event jointly organized by Berkeley Fire Dept., random act and other organizations. The event is on Dec 19th at 9 Am in Berkeley Fire Department station 2, Berkeley Way.
The following Lions members are volunteering on the event and we need more participation from the Club, they are Nirmal Phnuyel, Surendra Malla, Chinkaji Shrestha, Anil Thapa, Bindu Sapkota, Kamala Bhattarai, Dhruva Thapa Tilak Sunar, Ram Chandra Dhakal, Laxmi Chaudhary. We encourage more to join this noble cause to present the gifts to Senior citizens and needy people of the community.
The club will also participate Golden Gate Horse racing event to raise some funds for the club on December 27th 2015. For that event following Lions Members have confirmed their presence, they are Kamala Bhattarai, Tilak Lamsal. Kailash Thapa, Rabindra Rai, Tilak Sunar, Ram Chandra Dhakal, Chinkaji Shrestha, Khagendra Dhungel, Surendra Malla, Dhruva Thapal, Laxmi Chaudhary, we encourage more members to join and bring their friends and family, especially the kids it’s a fun fill event and enjoy riding the horse.
First Vice President Lion Manil Shrestha updated the Blood drive event and soon the date of the drive will be announced after consulting with Red Cross Society, if possible we will be doing spot vision screening too. So it will be a great Health fair event.
The club is conducting students Speaker contest since last six years, this year the contest will be conducted on Jan 10, 2016 at 11 AM in Himalayan Flavors. The Program coordinator Lion Tika Lamsal informed about the event and encourage all the members to inform their kids if they are in High School and want to participate. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to participate and if they win they can get Scholarship for the college.
This year the Foundation will provide scholarships totaling $103,500.00. From this amount, each of the fifteen District winners will receive a $4,500.00 scholarship, each of the four Area winners will receive an additional $6,500.00 scholarship and the winner of the Multiple District Four Contest will receive an additional $10,000.00 scholarship
2015-2016 Student Speaker Contest Topic: “Liberty and Justice for All” — What does it mean to you?
Student Speaker Contest Completion Dates
1. Sunday, January 10, 2016 Club Contest
2. by Monday, March 14, 2016 Zone Contest
3. by Monday, April 4, 2016 Region Contest
4. by Monday, April 25, 2016 District Contest
5. by Monday, May 6, 2016 Area Contest
6. on Saturday, June 4, 2016 MD4 Final Contest

Our Club with partnership with Fremont Sagarmatha and Sunny Sagarmatha had conducted “Effective Public Speaking Workshop on November 22, 2015 in Milpitas, California, where was 30 participants attended the workshop. From our Club’s Participants thanked the club to organize the event and asked to organize such events in near future too. Lion Tilak, Lion Govind Shahi and Lion Bindu Sapkota shared their experience about the event and the Instructor Lion Rajen Thapa and lion Tika Lamsal said if the members are interested they are ready to provide training.
On the meeting Membership growth pins were given to Immediate past President Lion Hema Paneru and Secretary Lion Mani Nepali Paneru by first Vice District Governor Jan Valtr.
The following members were present in the Meeting.

  1. Bhattarai, Kamala (3200262) Member
  2. Chaudhary, Khil Narayan (3670982) Member
  3. Chaudhary, Laxmi (2487721) Past President /Secretary
  4. Dhakal, Ramchandra (2487736) Past President /Treasurer
  5. Dhungel, Khagendra (2487720) Member
  6. Karki, Nirmala (4023157) Tamer
  7. Lamichhane, Bishnu (2487725) Member
  8. Lamsal, Tika R (4183754) Director
  9. Malla, Surendra P (4225997) Member
  10. Nepali, Mani (2487719) Past President/Adv.
  11. Paneru, Hema (2581218) Immediate Past President/Adv.
  12. Phnuyal, Nirmal Kumar (4095988) Member
  13. Rai, Rabindra Kumar (4096038) Director
  14. Rijal, Sumesh (4225994) Member
  15. Sapkota, Bindu (3661636) 3rd. VP
  16. Shahi, Govind (3670992) Director
  17. Shreshtha, Chinkaji (2524546) Past President/Adv.
  18. Shrestha, Manil (3425846) 1st. VP
  19. Sitaula, Ishwor (2524543) Director
  20. Sunar, Tilak (3000868) Past President /Membership chair
  21. Thapa, Anil (4238795) member
  22. Thapa, Dhruva (2954508) President
  23. Thapa, Kailash (3048112) member
  24. Thapa, Rajen (2487715) Charter President
  25. Guests: Jan Valt 1st Vice District Governor
  26. Guest: Linda Griffin GML/ PDG
  27. Gueding Lion Al Satake
  28. Guest: Sean
  29. Guest Dhurba Niraula
  30. Guest P. Sitaula



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