Volunteering on the Dollar Day in Golden Gate Horse Racing Fields.

Berkeley Annapurna Lions Club and Berkeley Host Lions Club jointly participated the Fund raising event recently held in Golden Gate Fields (horse racing field). The Golden Gate fields offered Lions Clubs and other Local nonprofit, community organizations the opportunity to staff concession stands selling hot dogs, sodas, waters and draft beer for the Sunday Dollar Day special. For the day’s work, Golden Gate Fields donate $1,000.00 directly to the organization. In this event since two clubs worked together to support the event will split the donation $ 500 each.
On December 27th immediately after the Christmas Holiday both the clubs participated to run a stall selling items provided by the fields Management team. There were 24 volunteers who showed up and enjoyed the event as well as helped the stall informed club President Lion Dhruva Thapa. He further thanked all the volunteers and community members for joining and making the event a grand success.

It was a fun day though the weather was chilling but most of the participants were enjoying with their friends and family watching horse racing, wagering, and socializing and of course volunteering for the benefit of the Clubs. Most of the community members and Lions volunteers said it was their first visit though they have been living in the neighborhood for more than a decade and thanked the Clubs for the invitation and providing special opportunity to experience new things.
Golden gate fields is American horse racing track straddling both Albany and Berkeley city, Therefore the authorities of the field has offered us an opportunity to raise fund for the club, so don’t miss this golden opportunity to have fun and earn some funds for the club itself.

ramkaji in service
All Photo courtesy Lion Govind Shahi


Golden Gate Fields is located along the bay in the city of Albany, California, eight miles from downtown Oakland and 11 miles from San Francisco. The track crosses the Albany/Berkeley city line, and the stable area is located in the city limits of Berkeley. For the best bet in town, look no further than Golden Gate Fields where the Bay comes to play. Hopefully the clubs will participate another event in near future. So it’s a great opportunity for those who missed these event but still can join next time informed Lion Laxmi Chaudhary; club Secretary and Past President of Berkeley Annapurna. According to Secretarial report following volunteers were present to serve the event.
They are:
1. Dhruva Thapa
2. Bishnu Gurung Ekata
3. Govind Shahi
4. Diya Mainali
5. Tilak Sunar
6. Lila Pokhrel
7. Kishan Shrestha
8. Manil Shrestha
9. Mohit Babu Shrestha
10. Ambika Shrestha
11. Shova Palikhe
12. Shradha Shakya
13. Ram K Baniya
14. Claire Le Donne
15. Pratik Thapa
16. Prasidh Thapa
17. Khil Narayan Chaudhary
18. Laxmi Chaydhary
19. Shila Chaudhary
20. Bindu Sapkota
21. Kamala Bhattarai
22. Khagendra Dhungel
23. Deva Dhungel
24. Mak Fujikawa
25. Jay Touriel
26. Linda Griffin
27. Kailash Thapa
28. Ram Chandra Dhakal
29. David Nicely


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