Thank you note from the President for 6th Annual Blood Drive 2016

glimpsed blood drive

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Dear Community Members and Blood Donors,

On behalf of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna, Blood Donors of America, Fremont Sagarmatha and Berkeley Makalu Lions Club I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the blood donors of our community for your life saving blood drive. For us you are already a hero for saving lives for needy patients.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers, community leaders, blood drive coordinators and members of all the Lions clubs and Blood donors of America without your hard work and dedication it would not be possible to host such a grand 6th Annual blood drive that held in American Red Cross Society, Oakland Donor Center on March 19th 2016.

Due to some technical difficulties all of you did not get change to donate your blood, we feel really sorry for that and encourage you to donate in next drive if you qualify. As Many of the community members were either new to this country or recently visited Nepal, for new donors you have to wait three years  and for those who recently visited  Nepal have to wait three months to qualify to donate. Please be informed about that and also try to  make online appointment so that we do not have to wait for long time. Any way for next drive let’s plan in advance and encourage every one to  make online reservation as well as educate who is eligible to donate before hand. We had 86 participants in our registration form but only 35 donors were able to donate this time. Thank you all the attendants for your support.

Thank you for taking time out from your very busy schedule to become a special donor or volunteer. Your valuable time spent in such a noble cause will be always appreciated. Without your kind  support we would not be able to save someone’s life. As we all know that the act of donating blood is giving life, our blood could save anyone’s life from a little baby to an old individual, One cannot make blood, it is a gift we all have inside of us to give to those who are injured, sick, or in need. There’s no doubt that the need is huge. However, the support of donors like you is helping us to make it possible to help the people in achieving a healthier, happier and fruitful life.Your act of noble kindness of volunteering blood drive will serve as an inspiration to other people.

I would like to give big thanks to all the staffs of Red Cross who really worked hard  to accommodate as many donors as possible. Finally Please accept my sincere thanks for the Historic blood drive. Thanks for being a part of this drive.

Lions Clubs International is the largest service club organization in the world. Our 1.4 million members perform valuable service in 210 countries and geographic areas around the globe. It is a leading organization serving with a motto” We serve”. Since last six years the Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna has been initiating to donate blood to needy people.


Lion Dhruva Thapa
Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna.

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