Workshop on “Meeting Procedures” with video

Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna is dedicated to empower the volunteer for positive change in the community. We believe that if we are able to train our future leaders we can serve our community in better way, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lionism.

trainingSince last years Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna has started providing quality training and workshops not only to their members but also to other organizations. We believe together we can grow and serve better. Therefore, This year too the Club has  organized a very effective and important workshop on the special occasion of Labor Day. The workshop lasted for more than six hours and it was held in 2414 MLK Jr. Way, Berkeley. The training was provided by Charter President and First Vice District Governor Lion Rajen Thapa and JCI Senator Raj K Shrestha.

Live video taken from Facebook.

The topic of workshop is “ Meeting or  Parliamentary Procedure”. The main purpose to attend this workshop is to:

Know how to conduct a formal meeting effectively whether it is a small or large group of participants.

Strengthen the development of interpersonal, leadership, communication, and personal skills

Learn basic ground rules of the meeting to be fair and effective.  The meeting should be conducted in such a manner that all opinions are respected, and the work gets done.

Small groups may function very informally but need special techniques to hand, when the group is large and the meetings are dealing with a variety of interests and ideas, demanding issues, and strong opinions, the organization will need to use parliamentary procedures.

Formal procedures are necessary for standards of actions and conduct. Parliamentary principles are designed to protect the rights of the minority to be heard while expressing and carrying out the will of the majority.

This workshop was designed to familiarize participants with those basic principles that lead to orderly, fair and effective discussions and decisions during meetings.

The workshop was full of interaction and fun filled environment to learn effectively. said most of the participants.

The program was divide in two parts whee first part was information session and official announcement of the program. The Program coordinator Lion Bibek Shrestha Highlighted the event and Club President Lion Manil Babu Shrestha emphasized the importance of the workshop. Zone Chair and Immediate Past President Lion Dhruva Thapa assisted the trainer and the  event was live in Facebook through





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