Lets connect all the Nepalese Lions Clubs of USA

Lions Clubs International is celebrating its Centennial and Lions around the world arelions-logo.png impacting the lives 100+ million people during the Centennial Service. Lions are getting popular not only in Nepal but also in the Nepalese community Living in USA.
So the main purpose of this group is to connect all the Nepalese Lions Clubs in USA.Please join us and invite all the Lions Members of your Club to connect this group. If we have missed your Club’s name , please do not forget to comment us so that we can update.


banner-lions-groupLets join for the good cause and plan for the grand celebration of Lions Clubs Centennial in 2017. In Chicago we are going to witness more than 50,000 lions and their families from world over. It will be a great celebration from June 30th to July 4th. So lets join hand in hand to celebrate once in a life time event of Lions Clubs International.
Since it’s established in 1997 we are in more than 210 countries and geographical areas throughout the world. Today Lions are the only humanitarian group in China serving more than a billion people.

where there is a need there is a lion is the core theme of Centennial. There will be a Lions Parade on State Street, Down Town, Chicago to celebrate 100 years of Lionism, so why not plan a grand presence from all the Nepalese Lions Clubs of USA to join hand in hand and show our solidarity, commitment and spirit of togetherness.
Let’s plan for the Centennial project together or share our services. Let’s connect all the Lions Members from Boston to California.
In Recent days more Lions Clubs are opening among the Nepalese Community in USA and Canada so let’s make a collective effort to connect each other to serve better. Lets raise the visibility of our club through this group and inspire other to join Lions Clubs. Please add or recommend only the Lions Members to this group and feel free to share your clubs activities.

Dhruva Thapa (Zone Chair Dist. 4C-3)
Nepali Lions Clubs in USA Team


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