District Governor Rajen Thapa’s official visitation to home club

The visit of the District Governor is one of the highlights of the Lions year and of course it will be one of the proud moment to host District Governor’s visitation if it is the home club of the District Governor, Since our Clubs establishment in the year of 2006, the club has done tremendous service projects and shine in the Lions club internationals arena with first Nepalese origin District Governor in USA.

Our club founded in April 29th, 2006 with a core mission to serve people within Nepalese community and reach beyond. It has always worked hard to serve the community whether it is Nepal or USA. Have donated and supported various projects and completed number of services. Due to active initiation of the club and Governor Lion Thapa there are more than eight clubs in our region and almost two dozens new speciality clubs formed in various states of USA. The proudest moment of the club is to welcome our own Charter President Lion Rajen Thapa as District Governor of District 4-C3 with all the cabinet team on March10th 2018 by Club President Lion Kaushal Rana and his team with gracious presence of Past Presidents and club officers. The club also presented the letter of appreciation and Token of love to District Governor.  The letter of appreciation was read by Immediate past president Lion Manil Babu Shrestha. As per Lions Protocol the Club President introduced the Zone Chair Lion Laxmi Chaudhary who is also the past president of the club then Lion Laxmi Introduced the Regional Chair Ray Oliver. Similarly Regional Chair with pride and dignity introduced  the District Governor with warm welcome by the entire Lions members.

District Governor Lion Rajen Thapa addressed the club with pride and thanked all the members, officers of the club for their valuable support in his journey. He also decorated Club President Lion Rana with international President’s Pin. Please watch the live video of his  speech , recognitions and highlights of the visitation.