District Governor Rajen Thapa to address Lions Clubs International Convention in Las Vegas.

It’s a proud moment for all the Lions members of our Club Lions club of Berkeley Annapurna and all the Nepali Lions clubs of USA  to have our  first Nepali District Governor Lion Rajen Thapa in USA and also out side Nepal to address 101st Lions Clubs  international convention in Las Vegas. On this special occasion District 4C-3 District Governor Lion  Rajen Thapa  will  be addressing the convention  on the topic of “Importance and success of Specialty Clubs on June 29th at 10:00 A.M. at the Convention Hall in MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Lion Thapa who is also the coordinator of specialty clubs in USA. He  is also considered as the pioneer of opening Specialty clubs in USA. So far he has initiated and motivated to open more than two dozens of Nepali Lions clubs or specialty clubs in various States of USA.

The concept of Specialty Clubs was first Launched in  2017, the Specialty Club program was designed to create clubs in which members share a common interest or passion, allowing them to connect with one another on a deeper level. For example, they may share a hobby, profession or ethnicity. Forming specialty clubs allow groups of people around the world to turn their passions into rewarding service projects that directly benefit their communities.

President Dr. Naresh Aggrawal sees a huge potentialities to these specialty clubs as they can perform the serve in which they are expert or they really like to do. He personally encourage all the lions leaders to target these groups of people as they are the future of our organizations and  encourage them to work within their own targeted area and interest. This will increase the interest and numbers of Lions clubs in our community.  Give them opportunity and encourage to serve. The above statements were expressed in a youtube video prepared by Lions Clubs International about the specialty clubs.

Similarly First Nepali origin Lions Clubs International Director Lion Sanjay Khetan believes that we give back locally and connect Globally thats why personally I have initiated to start numbers of specialty clubs worldwide. since Lions are in more than 200 countries of the world and they are serving locally with the global leadership and hundred years proven social organizations supporting them to serve. This initiatives will be the assets  of our organizations.

According to DG Rajen Joining a Lions specialty club is a great way to meet people who share common interests and build leadership skills while serving your community thats why we have have initiated to open lots of New Specialty clubs among the Nepalese community living in USA and most of the countries of the world. The specialty clubs are different from the standard Lions Clubs who served the community for hundreds years,  specialty clubs bring together Lions with common interests or similar circumstances. This club style allows groups that meet regularly to serve their communities so we have different specialty clubs with divers interest and ethnic community focusing their core problems and solving them with the same motto ” We serve” but in different way.

Specialty clubs are getting more popular, active and dynamic as they are the group of people with common interest and vision to serve.As a Lions we always say, if there is a need, there is a Lions club to meet that need. A fast-growing alternative to the traditional Lions club model, specialty clubs are attracting new members with shared interests. In a specialty clubs Some are helping people with diabetes, others  on diverse professions and interests,  communities with others who already share common interests with Lions specialty clubs  are clubs for veterans, environmentalists, snowmobile fans, professional women and people with shared cultural and ethnic backgrounds. There is a ballroom-dancing club in Hawaii. And there are cyber clubs that meet and conduct club business primarily online .

The clubs like Laligurans in District 4C-3 focuses preserving and promoting Nepalese art culture , music and literature. within a year they have conducted more than a dozens of events, shows, workshops ,trainings and classes remembering and honoring the great musical and literary legends of Nepali origin and promoting and encouraging youths to participate the club. What is truly special about these clubs are they do the things they love to do and feel proud to be a lion and make a difference to the community they live.  they’re very special people and may have different ideas, interest and thoughts to serve in their own way than hundred years standard clubs who had been doing same kinds of services and project. But for the next hundred years the Lions have created a warm and welcoming place where people from diverse background, interest and professions come together and care about each other with the same motto ” we serve”. I believe these clubs will do exceptional service in near future as they all have same passion and common interest to serve as they feel proud to  share Lions’ values and are dedicated to doing whatever they wanted to do or serve the community with their interest, talent and professions. people with common interests who want to give something back to their communities are taking the next step and becoming Lions and joining specialty clubs. Lets encourage them to be a Lion!!

for more about the specialty clubs please visit the youtube video prepared by Lions Clubs International featuring some of the Specialty clubs including Nepali Lions Clubs of USA.